Welcome to the EEF at OPE

EEF at OPE is a chapter of the greater district Encinitas Educational Foundation that was created to bridge the gap between public school funding and the needs of our students at OPE.  OPE has a rich tradition of generosity. It’s because of the generosity of many families that our children can receive award-winning programming and an excellent, well-rounded education.

The EEF at OPE Funds ‘Enrichment Teachers’, our school’s focus on Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Math (S.T.R.E.A.M.).


OPE has a rich tradition of generosity. It’s because of the generosity of many families that our children can receive award-winning programming and an excellent, well-rounded education.

You have the option for placing a “One-Time” donation in any amount, or an “Ongoing Recurring” donation.


$1,300 per FAMILY


$2,600 per FAMILY

The School Site Council at OPE has requested $195,000 from EEF to cover Enrichment Teacher costs for the 2022-2023 school year. This amount divided by the anticipated number of students yields a $325 “Invest in Your Child” cost per student.

Our 2021-2022 Donors

Eagle Donors ($2600)

Barrera Family
Beierschmitt Family
Buckmaster Family
Caspersen Family
Castellani Family
Culley Family
Ficara Family
Gelhaus Family
Given Family
Glasser Family
Gonzales Moores Family
Hughes Family
Jackson Family
Maffia Family
Messina Family
Moores Family
Moser Family
Robinson Family
Schneider Family
K. Young Family
S. Young Family

Pioneer Donors ($1300)

Anger Family
Bachtell Family
Berggren Family
Boyd Family
Buneta Family
Capovilla Family
Case Family
Frei Family
Garrett Family
Gazda Family
Harris Family
Johnson and Slater Lenz
Karsten Family
Kirichkow Family
Landan Family
Libitsky Family
Niebla/Gil Family
Pegg Family
Quellmalz Family
Singleton Family
Stipp Family
Super Family
Taylor Family
Watson Family
Willis Family

Meet our Fair Share Families

EEF @ OPE 2021-2022 Fair Share Families

Abate- Rohr Family
Ackerman Family
Advani Family
Aitken-Seranella Family
Akers family
Akin Family
Armstrong Family
Ayala Family
Ayala Family
Baldwin Family
Ball Family
Barngrover Family
Bayer Family
Beahm Family
Bear Family
Beattie Family
Beaumont Family
Bennett Family
Beyer Family
Billick Family
Blackledge Family
Bleau Family
Boles Family
Boles Family
Bondi Family
Bosse Mosca Family
Boyd Family
Boyd Family
Branch Family
Brigden Family
Brooks family
Brown Family
Burgamy Family
Burrage Family
Campillo Family
Carpenter Family
Carpenter family
Carucci Family
Carvolth Family
Chandler Family
Chevalier Family
Chiangtong Family
Clifford Family
Collier Family
Conley Family
Cookson Family
Cooper Family
Courtney McIntire
Cusick Family
Daly Family
Dawson Family
Dehmel family
DeMais Family
Dent Family
Desposato Family / JenRealtor.com
Dinh Family
Dixons Family
Du Vivier Family
Elliott Family
Engler Family
Ethier/Bibbins Family
Everett Family
Ferrel Family
Fila Family
Filasky Family
Fisher Family
Fortner Family
Foster Family
Gamett Family
Garnin Family
Geffen Family
Geis Family
Ghandy Family
Gillbank Family
Griffin Family
Griswold Family
Guido Family
Hamedi Family
Hamzei family
Harris Family
Haskell Family
Hasler Family
Healy Family
Henline Family
Hill Family
Horton Family
Huerta Family
Ingraham Family
Iverson Family
Jelsing Family
Jerotz Family
Jewitt Family
Johnson Family
Jones Family
Karimi-Jacobo Family
Kehle-Reinauer family
Kikolski Family
Kim Family
Kouretchian Family
Kuzman Family
LaBreche Family
Ladd Family
Laethem Family
Lai Family
Landau Family
Langdon Family
League Family
Lee Family
Lee Family
Lehman Family
Locker Family
Lovec Family
Lozuk Family
Luke Family
Mackley Family
Mager Family
Manthe Family
Masterson Family
Matthews family
McCourt Family
McGurk Family
McKillop Family
McLovins Family
McNamara Family
McNaughtons Family
Merz Family
Milo-Schultz Family
Mobini Family
Moore Family
Moore Family
Moretti Family
Muckle Family
Murrel Family
Nelson Family
Nicholson Family
Nikkel Family
Noll-Schatz Family
Noon family
Norton Family
Nuffer Family
O’Keefe Family
O’Connell Family
O’Connell Family
Oleson Family
Osborne Family
Owen Family
Owen Lofft’s family
Parr Family
Peterson Family
Peterson Family
Piliero Family
Pinckes Family
Price Family
Price Family
Quazi Family
Quazi/Sheffield Family
Rahbari Family
Reid Family
Reiley Family
Reinke-Thorpe Family
Rodriguez Family
Roszak Family
Roth Family
Rowell Family
Rubin Family
Sakauye Family
Salman Family
Sample Family
Sanches Family
Schatz Family
Sedgwick Family
Selbach – Vaknin Family
Seno Family
Sergott Family
Shaw family
Sieger Family
Smith Family
Smith Family
Smith Family
So Family
Soria Family
Staley Family
Stampfl Family
Suarez/Donnelly Family
Sylvester Family
Tanaka Family
Tarrant Family
Tarwater Family
Tate Family
Tate Family
Tiglio Family
Travella Family
Turl Family
Tusan Family
Twomey Family
Tzorfas Family
Vaccaro Family
Valdez Family
Valentine Family
Van de Ven Family
Velasco Family
Vicknair Family
Walker family
Walsh Family
Warner Family
Warren Family
Webb Family
Webb Family
Whitehead Family
Whitehouse Family
Wiens Family
Williams Family
Wilson Family
Witherall Family
Wolf Family
Woods family
Wright Family
Zakkout Family
Zech Family
Zimbler Family
Zimmerman Family
Zorn Family

What does the EEF do?

Our chapter works to raise the essential funding for the Enrichment Program at our school and it is our goal to ensure our kids receive the best possible education.

How do students benefit?

Through EEF funding, every student at OPE benefits from grade-specific enrichment programs with a focus on STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math). 

Additionally, the site support teachers make sure that all students receive the help needed to excel while the home teachers can focus on the rest of the class. The funds we raise go directly to paying the enrichment teachers’ salaries.

EEF Sponsors the Following

  • Art/Creativity Through Artistic Design (K-6th)

  • Science Enrichment

  • Reading Intervention (K-6th)

  • Music (K-6th)

  • 2 Science (K-3rd and 4th-6th)

  • Library and Media (K-6th)

  • Math (4th-6th)

  • STREAM Coordinator (K-6th)

  • Kindergarten Intervenion

  • 20 additional Physical Education hours

Support from all families is needed. So how can I contribute?

As it stands, a considerable amount of our school’s budget is funded by parents and the community.

The old-fashioned “the state-pays-for-everything” public school has disappeared in California. This means that parents, extended family members, business partners and other community members fund the enrichment education our children receive here at OPE. Nearly half of California school districts have created foundations to provide additional funding for their schools and our district is no exception. In order to help our kids succeed in today’s world, EEF helps to enhance what is being taught in the standard curriculum and provide our children with learning opportunities that would otherwise not be available through the school.

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