OPE Staff Directory

2023-2024 OPE Staff Directory

Principal – Beth Cameron – beth.cameron@eusd.net

Office Manager – Janine Aurora – janine.aurora@eusd.net

School Services Secretary – Linda Kelly – linda.kelly@eusd.net

Custodians – Jose Andrade – jose.andrade@eusd.net

Charlie Maguire – charles.maguire@eusd.net

Night Custondian – Grigoriy Timofeyev – Grigoriy.Timofeyev@eusd.net

Health Tech – Sandi Moore-Foggey – Sandi.moore-foggey@eusd.net

School Nurse – Karen Shuff: karen.shuff@eusd.net

Media Center – Jennifer Rohr – jennifer.rohr@eusd.net

Lunch – Mayuko Williams – Mayuko.Williams@eusd.net


Letania Ingold (K-1): letania.ingold@eusd.net

Bree Whitehead (K-2): bree.whitehead@eusd.net

Debbie Overlock (K-3): debra.overlock@eusd.net

Jamie Drawbridge (402) – Jamie.Drawbridge@eusd.net


1st Grade
Nicole Felton (507): nicole.felton@eusd.net

Karina Salmon (506): karina.salmon@eusd.net

Michelle Rudden (505): michelle.rudden@eusd.net

Alyssa Geffen (505): Alyssa.Geffen@eusd.net


2nd Grade
Allison deGenova (306): allison.degenova@eusd.net

Sue Hockert (501): sue.hockert@eusd.net

Tara Clark (305): tara.clark@eusd.net


3rd Grade
Christine Hauser (504): christine.hauser@eusd.net

Katie Underwood (212): katelyn.underwood@eusd.net

Katie Zaino (209): katie.zaino@eusd.net

Whitney Ebert (209): whitney.ebert@eusd.net


4th Grade
Errolyn Healy (105) errolyn.healy@eusd.net 

Amber Sliper (105)  amber.sliper@eusd.net

Cathy Carroll (106): cathy.caroll@eusd.net

Heidi Martin (104): heidi.martin@eusd.net


5th Grade
Lauren Weatherall (301): lauren.weatherall@eusd.net

Anne Kolb (303): anne.kolb@eusd.net

Kari Travers (304): Kari.travers@eusd.net


6th Grade
Kimberlee MacGregor (208): kim.macgregor@eusd.net

Maddy Overlock (205): Madeleine.overlock@eusd.net

David Dickinson (508): david.dickinson@eusd.net

Kristi Kirk (202): Kristi.Kirk@eusd.net

Allison Cameron (204): Allison.Cameron@eusd.net

Instructional Aides
Jodi Bianchi: jodi.bianchi@eusd.net

Liz Iverson: elizabeth.iverson@eusd.net

Cathy McNeilly: cathy.mcneilly@eusd.net

Ken Trout: ken.trout@eusd.net

Carolyn Giovannoni: Carolyn.giovannoni@eusd.net

Lana Ghosh: lana.ghosh@eusd.net

Alison Vaccaro: Alison.vaccaro@eusd.net

Jacqueline Ramos:  Jacqueline.ramos@eusd.net

Susanna Miranda: susanna.miranda@eusd.net

Marika Dixon: marika.dixon@eusd.net

Braedon Lamee: Braedon.Lamee@eusd.net

Emily Brown: Emily.Brown@eusd.net

Michelle Melsh: Michelle.Melsh@eusd.net

Veronica Pryor: Veronica.Pryor@eusd.net

Alicia Walker: Alicia.Walker@eusd.net

Student Teacher
Brittany Morettini (Bree Whitehead)


Special Day Class K-3
Amanda Bettencourt (201): amanda.bettencourt@eusd.net

Special Day Class 4-6
Kelsey Branch (103): Kelsey.Branch@eusd.net

Kathryn Russell (308): kathryn.russell@eusd.net

Kristin McCloskey: kristin.mccloskey@eusd.net

Speech Therapists
Meghan Baker (307): meghan.baker@eusd.net

Amy Maes (211): amy.maes@eusd.net

Julie Glazer (203): julie.glazer@eusd.net
Lauren Kempiners (203): Lauren.Kempiners@eusd.net

Health & Wellness
Rhonda Mitchell-Mann (203): rhonda.mitchell-mann@eusd.net

Art Enrichment
Monica Lee (102): monica.lee@eusd.net

STREAM Enrichment
Candice VanGronigen (509): Candice.VanGronigen@eusd.net


Amy Langevin (503): amy.langevin@eusd.net

–Site Program Support Teachers–
K – Amanda Landau (503): amanda.landau@eusd.net

1st & 2nd (503): Jennifer Palmer: jennifer.palmer@eusd.net

3rd – 6th Math (207): Lisa Estle: lisa.estle@eusd.net

Gen Ed Counselor
Donavan Durney: donavan.durney@eusd.net

Aubrey Magoon: aubrey.magoon@eusd.net

Noon Duties
Kelly Buckles – Kelly.Buckles@eusd.net

Marion Gleason – Marion.Gleason@eusd.net

Samina Mirza – Samina.Mirza@eusd.net

Deirdre “Dee Dee” Smith – Deirdre.Smith@eusd.net

Terri Storm – Terri.Storm@eusd.net

Stephanie Neal – estafania.neal@eusd.net

Courtney Herman – courtney.herman@eusd.net

Claudia Yokhana – claudia.yokhana@eusd.net

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